Business in South Asia
Starting in 2018, South Asian region began to attract many investors. In particular, large US manufacturers began to build factories there. The leading position in the region is held by India (63rd in the Ease of Doing Business Ranking).Bhutan is ranked 89. Afghanistan has carried out 5 reforms and improved its position in the ranking (it rose to 173rd line). In addition, the index of the ease of doing business is growing in other countries of the region, for example, in Bangladesh it is 45 (up 2.5 points from 2019), Sri Lanka - 61.8, Maldives - 53.3, Nepal - 63.2 (up 3.5 points from 2019), Pakistan 61 (up 5.5 points from 2019).

Overall, the South Asia Ease of Doing Business Index rose to 58.2. Half of all regional economies: Afghanistan, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka have streamlined the process of paying taxes. Reforms in India included streamlining the building permit process and improving construction quality control. Pakistan added online registration for company formation.

VINT Consult has partner companies in the following South Asian countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

VINT Consult with its partners can provide a full range of business services:
  • Marketing Research

  • Business Planning

  • South Asia Market Penetration
  • Business Set Up and Development Support
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Tax Consulting
  • Risk Consulting
  • Audit & Assurance

  • IT outsourcing/outstaffing
  • Search for Partners in South Asia
  • Strategy Consulting
  • Restructuring
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Consulting for Banks and Financial Institutions
  • FinTech

VINT Consult, having a wide range of services, can become an agent  in any issues in the setting up and supporting of your business in South Asia. We guarantee professionalism in every solution.

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