Business in Singapore
In 2019, Singapore was ranked 2nd in the Doing Business country ranking. Singapore attracts businesspersons because of a simple tax system, minimal bureaucracy and great prospects (the country ranks 2nd in the global competitiveness rating).

What are the most interesting business sectors in Singapore?
  • Small and Medium Businesses
    • Agriculture
    • Services in the field of cleanliness (cleaning, laundry, sale of related equipment)
    • Internet marketing (copywriting, SMM, website development)
  • Large Enterprise:
    • High-tech products
    • Innovative projects

Singapore supports businesspersons with a range of funding programs, grants and tax cuts. Singapore acts as a buffer zone for entering the Asian market.

VINT Consult is part of an international network headquartered in Singapore.

VINT Consult together with partners provides a full range of business services in Singapore:

  • Marketing Research

  • Business Planning

  • Company registration in Singapore
  • Opening bank accounts in Singapore banks
  • Blockchain companies & ICO set up
  • Accounting, Tax and Legal services
  • Singapore Market Penetration
  • Search for Partners in Singapore
  • Promotion, Marketing
  • Global corporate banking solutions
  • Financial Services Solutions
  • Advisory Services Solutions
  • Industry and Feasibility Study
  • Product Certification and Management System Certification

  • Branding and Office Interior Design

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