Business in China-Belarus Industrial Park «Great stone»
China-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone" is a territorial entity with a special legal regime within the Republic of Belarus.

Benefits and opportunities
  • exemption from income tax for 10 years from the date of profit, then - 50% of the generally established rate (9%) until 2062
  • rate of tax on dividends 0% – 5 years from the year of dividend accrual + exemption from paying offshore duty
  • reduced rate of royalty tax = 5 %
  • exemption from real estate and land tax
  • reduced rate of income tax paid for employees = 9%
  • significant benefits for VAT
  • customs privileges
  • privileges in the sphere of currency regulation
  • benefits in relations with the employee (taxes, social package, insurance fees, permit fees)
  • possibility of acquiring land in private property
  • some other preferences
  • developed infrastructure (including warehouse and customs) to create production
  • the National Airport is located on the territory of the Park

Entry conditions

  • location in the territory of Park
  • compliance with the types of activities
  • he declared volume of investments in the implementation of an investment project must be at least $5,000,000, and when implementing an investment project for R&D – at least $500,000
  • submission of necessary documents: statements, copies of constituent documents, justification of the investment project, draft contract

Types of activity
The project must comply with priority areas:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electronics and telecommunications
  • fine chemistry
  • biotechnology
  • new materials
  • logistics
  • pharmaceutics
  • e-commerce
  • storage and processing of big data
  • socio-cultural activities
  • implementation of research, developmental and experimental-technological works (R&D)

To enter the Great Stone with VINT Consult
VINT Consult together with its legal partner provides consulting services for obtaining the status of a China-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone" resident by company.

Service delivery process (VINT Consult + legal partner)

  1. consultation on the nuances of work in the Great Stone
  2. determination of types of activities
  3. choosing a business registration form
  4. company registration
  5. choosing a bank to open an account
  6. writing a rationale for an investment project
  7. compilation of other documents

Additional options by VINT Consult:

  • marketing research
  • consultations on the specifics of the Belarusian market
  • writing a business plan for your own use
  • business process description
  • strategic plan development

Additional opportunities from our partners:

  • audit of financial statements
  • legal services
  • accounting support of business
  • supply of necessary equipment
  • design and construction of buildings and structures

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