Business in Free Economic Zone
Free Economic Zones of the Republic of Belarus (FEZ) – zones for preferential business in Belarus.

6 FEZs successfully operate in Belarus today:
  • FEZ "Brest"
  • FEZ "Vitebsk"
  • FEZ "Gomel-Raton"
  • FEZ "Grodnoinvest"
  • FEZ "Minsk"
  • FEZ "Mogilev"

Benefits and opportunities

  • special taxation regime:
    • exemption from income tax for 10 years from the date the enterprise declared gross profit, and then the income tax = 9%
    • exemption from VAT on goods manufactured by FEZ residents using foreign goods (imported under the customs procedure of the free customs zone) and placed under the customs procedure for release for domestic consumption
    • exemption from payment for the right to conclude a lease contract for a land plot
    • benefits of rent for land and land tax
    • the benefits of real estate tax
  • simplified customs regulation

A special taxation regime applies to the sale by FEZ residents: 

  • outside the Republic of Belarus to foreign legal entities and (or) individuals in accordance with the contracts concluded between them for goods (works, services) of their own production made by these residents on the territory of the FEZ
  • goods (works, services) of their own production that they produced in the territory of FEZ, other residents of FEZ in accordance with the agreements concluded with them

Conditions for applying the mode

  • receipt by a resident of the FEZ of a certificate of products (works, services) of own production
  • not the implementation of a certain list of activities
  • the investment project should provide for the creation and (or) development of production oriented for export and (or) import substitution
  • the amount of investment should be the equivalent of at least 1 million euros. However, if the investor is ready to invest within 3 years, then for such a category of investors the minimum threshold of investment is reduced to 500 thousand euros

To enter the FEZ with VINT Consult
VINT Consult together with its partners provides consulting services for obtaining the status of a FEZ resident by company.

Service delivery process (VINT Consult + partners)

  1. consultation on the nuances of work in the FEZ
  2. company registration
  3. choosing a bank to open an account
  4. writing a business plan for registration in the FEZ
  5. obtaining a certificate of own production

Additional options from VINT Consult

  • carrying out a marketing research for a selected type of activity
  • consultations on the specifics of the Belarusian market
  • esign of organizational structure and business processes
  • consulting on organizational culture
  • selection of insurance products

Additional opportunities from our partners

  • audit of financial statements
  • legal services
  • accounting support of business
  • selection of real estate
  • rent a car
  • cleaning services
  • supply of necessary equipment

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