Business in Belarus

Belarus is a wonderful country for doing business!

  1. We are the first in the world to legalize the cryptocurrency as a separate type of asset.
  2. Belarus is a politically stable country with favorable conditions for foreign investors.
  3. We have preferential regions for doing business: the High Technology Park, 6 Free Economic Zones, the Sino-Belarusian Industrial Park "Great Stone", and in addition, there are serious tax breaks in almost all regions of Belarus.
  4. In the High Technology Park there are elements of English law, legalized cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain, created favorable conditions for the development of high technologies in software and hardware, for outsourcing and product high-tech companies.
  5. The people of Belarus are highly educated (99.7% have basic education, 24% have higher education). We have a large number of qualified specialists in the field of engineering, high technology and agriculture. Young specialists are fluent in at least one foreign language. The cost of labor is not so great.
  6. The Republic of Belarus is a social state, which means the support of any social programs and socially-oriented businesses by the government.
  7. Belarus has established political relations with 174 states of the world. In addition, the people of our country is famous for its tolerance and hospitality.
  8. We have a moderate continental climate, which also plays an important role for some business areas.

VINT Consult gladly helps foreign business enter the Belarusian market. T
his can be either a new business for a foreign investor or an extension of an existing one.

What do we give to the client?
  • explain the peculiarities of the Belarusian market
  • carry out research in the chosen direction
  • develop marketing channels (in case this is an extension of the existing business)
  • design a business model (in case this is a new business)
  • help to create a management system, marketing and financial strategies
  • prepare a business plan for entering the market
  • choosing the best bank for placing an account
  • our partners provide accounting support and other outsourcing services
  • sharing partnerships

We love our country and invite everyone to build business in the Republic of Belarus!



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