Construction and real estate

Construction and real estate has always been considered a complex, but grateful branch of the economy. The most important in this sector is the good and harmonious work of engineers and financiers. However, today, in the era of high technology, this sphere sometimes experiences difficulties. Companies in construction and real estate require constant adaptation to new technologies in construction and maintenance of buildings, as well as in management, finance, sales, etc.

VINT Consult offers services for business from the sphere of construction and real estate:

  • current and investment business planning
  • creation of a strategy for maintaining positions in the conditions of digital economy
  • consulting on change management and innovative processes
  • setting up a risk management system
  • optimization of the management system and business processes
  • setting up an asset management system
  • conducting of marketing research
  • selection of affordable and acceptable marketing communications
  • price policy adjustment
  • reorientation to a more promising segment of the industry

VINT Consult cooperates with a number of construction companies, design firms, rentier companies, real estate developers and realtors. We have a number of ready-made solutions for business in the field of construction and real estate.

VINT Consult, LLC (Payer’s registration number 191689433)

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