Beauty, health, fitness

Care of health not only does not lose its relevance, but it also acquires increasing popularity. Each person wants to monitor the condition of his body and constantly be in a tonus.

The formula for the success of any business in the field of "beauty, health, fitness" is not just in attraction of a large number of customers, but in their constant retention, influenced by the team's professionalism, ease of maintenance and location and many other components.

Build a business in the field of "beauty, health, fitness" together with VINT Consult!

We have a ready solution in this area and are also able to generate custom solutions for a specific situation. We have a flow of applicants for investments in this area, as well as a number of interested investors.

We help our customers:

  • design a business model
  • create a successful brand
  • choose the right location
  • choose the best marketing communications, including with the use of new technologies
  • determine the price that will be competitive and suitable for the target audience
  • develop discounts and bonuses for customers
  • expand the product portfolio
  • hire the most talented specialists
  • to think over the system of compensations and benefits for the personnel
  • develop organizational culture

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