Automotive business is a broad branch. It includes the production of cars, their sale, car service, car rental, taxi, car insurance and some other types of business. Consulting for the auto business is the opportunity to enter this market or improve the return on the existing business in the field of auto.

Consultants of VINT Consult have long served the automotive business. We have seen the crises and booms of companies from this sphere closely, so we can give a qualitative advice on the conduct of this kind of business.

For consulting on auto business we are contacted when:

  • the company is opened in the this field
  • somebody starts a new direction of auto business
  • there are some adverse factors
  • it is necessary to optimize processes
  • somebody scales the auto business
  • there is a desire to maximize profits

To the client from the sphere of auto business we can offer:

  • opening a car business on a turnkey basis
  • writing the current business plan
  • creation of a quality management system
  • modeling of business processes and organizational structure
  • improvement of sales service
  • formation of organizational culture and motivation system for employees
  • marketing consulting
  • attraction of investments

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