Creatoring as Consulting in the Digital Age
Due to technological development, all spheres of life are being transformed, including the commercial sector. The digital transformation of the economy implies not just the business automation, but first of all the process change, the content of goods and services innovation. Many functions are transferred from person to machine. Economy needs new competencies that did not exist before or that were components of some other skills.

Consulting of knowledge is losing its ground. Access to training and literature has become easier. The Internet provides a wealth of information that replaces consultants and assistants. Typical template tasks are easily solved by artificial intelligence. And technologies are developing every day. This gives rise to doubts about the prospects of the consulting business and the possibility of its development in the future.

Will business consulting die out in this century? The answer is NO. It is undergoing a radical transformation from consulting of knowledge to creative consulting. Consulting with non-standard solutions and their end-to-end delivery would be in demand.

The consulting company VINT Consult is already developing a practice called "creatoring". The name of the practice is derived from the word "creator", since we believe that all future consultants should be creators. Creatoring means creative services in which the consultant makes an exotic decisions, taking responsibility for the customer's future. These services include creating a concept for a client's new business, a strategy for developing an existing business, forming an idea for a new product, creating a new type of market, building a new type of business model, introducing a new institution, etc. Creatoring consists of 4 stages:
  1. Analysis of the internal and external environment.
  2. Business idea generation.
  3. Design and planning.
  4. Business idea delivery.

Creatoring is the consulting of the future. In addition to non-standard tasks that artificial intelligence cannot solve, the digital era gives a person many tools for the development of the economic and social spheres. The creator provides ideas for how these tools can be used to make processes even better. The services of a creator are suitable for both business and government.

Creatoring services will be provided by specialized boutique consultancies, which will be a small team of creators who themselves will provide services and will be owners the boutique.

Therefore, VINT Consult develops this practice. The vision of the company also reflected in its motto: “Be creative and deliver!”.

The future does not belong to large retail companies, but to those who offer a luxury product.

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