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In 2019-2020, the management consultancy VINT Consult researched of the problems and opportunities of small outsourcing software development companies.

We were interested in this particular segment of IT companies, since its development is able to mediate a real increase in export earnings, the creation of new jobs and the development of entrepreneurial initiative without significant investment.

Obviously, 2020 has become a turning point in understanding the prospects for doing business around the world. The very fact of the simultaneous impact of a combination of negative factors on the economy can rightfully go down in history as one of the most significant "black swans". 

Two waves of coronavirus, the economic crisis and acute social discontent provoked by COVID and other factors, tensions in the international arena have raised serious questions for global business. 

Private business has entered a zone of steep turbulence. The travel, transport and HoReCa sectors are on the brink of survival, manufacturing and trade are going downhill, the labor market is sinking, countries are looking towards the localization of goods production.

MTI Consulting, Sri Lanka’s leading management consultancy, recently concluded a brief study gathering views on digital transformation in Sri Lanka from CIOs, CTOs and CDOs of leading corporates in the country.

COVID-19 has resulted in a lifestyle, livelihood and economic disruption of a magnitude that nobody expected. Organisations have shifted to virtual modes of working, learning, interacting and collaborating making the pandemic a turning point for digital transformation of businesses.

This study presents the views shared by some of the top digital leaders in the country on key digital transformation trends that are shaping tomorrow’s possibilities, opportunities that will drive tangible business value, challenges in executing digital transformation initiatives and the top priorities and actions over the next two to three years.

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