Risk consulting

Risk consulting is consulting support of risk assessment and risk management in the company. The main goal of this product is to reduce the likelihood of unfavorable business results.

Our specialists will assess the risks of the client using one or more of the traditional 39 risk assessment methods: the Delphi method, the butterfly tie chart, What if ... analysis, brainstorming, HACCP, method of intuitive decision making, scenario analysis, checklist, BIA, risk indices, FN curves, root cause analysis, etc.

As risk management tools, the customer will be offered:

  • refusal of risky activity
  • insurance
  • hedging
  • diversification
  • formation of reserves
  • limiting the concentration of risk
  • outsourcing
  • contractual protection against risks

The toolkit will be selected based on the individual characteristics of the business, the tasks and wishes of the client.

Risk consulting can take the form of oral or written consultations, planning documents (for example, a risk management plan), an analytical note, diagrams, tables, structures.

VINT Consult provides a full cycle of risk consulting: research, identification of problems, design solutions, explication of proposals, implementation of tools.

Minimizing threats is important at every stage of business development. To own powerful mechanisms of risk subordination means to be confident in the future.

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