Mission and vision

Mission is the main reason for the existence of the company.
Vision is an extremely specific description of a business dream, a desired image of business in the future.

Mission and vision are important elements of a business strategy. When formulating them, it is important to proceed from the realities and prospects of the market, to feel the internal and external environment, to strive for maximum instrument efficiency. It is this approach that is inherent in the team of VINT Consult. 

What does it look like?
Mission and vision are formulated in the form of a short text. With this text, you should familiarize all employees, post it on the website, include in the business strategy. 

Why are mission and vision necessary?


  • market positioning
  • increase of reputational capital
  • strengthening of organizational culture
  • visualization of the goal achievement image


  • designation of the development vector
  • setting long-term goals
  • strengthening of organizational culture

Mission and vision are perspective formulas for successful business, the foundation of strategic planning.

What will they bring?
  • the emergence of the basis for the development of a business strategy
  • improving the image
  • determination of own position and direction of movement
  • motivation and team building

How to apply them in practice?

  • take as a basis for current and future planning
  • familiarize employees at the time of employment
  • mention at corporate events
  • place on the company's website
  • use to promote the company

When developing the mission and vision of the company, our experts rely on the customer's wishes, the needs of the surrounding world and, of course, the experience of previous clients. Mission and vision from VINT Consult is not just a set of motivating phrases, but a tool for goal-setting.

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