Business model

Business model is a conceptual formula for the company's commercial activities, which briefly describes the scheme for creating, selling and transferring value and receiving rewards for it.

Functional significance of the business model:

  • part of a business strategy describing commercial activities
  • monetization mechanism
  • the way of interaction with the target audience
  • the basis for other actions to implement the project

The business model is usually developed in conjunction with the product. However, today many IT-developers are thinking about commercialization, when their product is already distributed. The consultants of our company undertake the design of the business model at any stage. We are also able to adjust the existing business model, if it is outdated or does not work.

Methods for the direct development of a business model:

- brainstorm
- synthesis
- induction
- modeling

Methods for checking working and newly created business models:

- canvas of business models
- benchmarking
- analysis

Economic theory modeled several typologies that describe the basic types of business models. Our team skillfully implements them in practice, and is also able to generate mixed and new types of business models.

  • the mechanism of monetization and interaction with the client
  • commercialization of the project
  • the basis for designing a business architecture

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