Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is an instrument of strategic management to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the implementation of strategic goals.

BSC formulation services are used when setting up strategic management, forming a business strategy or introducing controlling systems. The most successful period for determining a balanced scorecard is the first year after the payback of the business. It is at this time that approaches to strategic management are being formed.

BSC is the formula for successful business from a strategic point of view.

The mission and vision of the company help to formulate strategic goals, which in the form of variables lay on the basis of the BSC. Each variable is assigned a weight. Depending on the volume executed, scores are set, which are subsequently subjected to analysis.

BSC will help:

  • provide proprietary control
  • assess the feasibility of strategic objectives
  • adjust the strategy
  • optimize the team

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, our team provides the client with quality services for the development and redesign of BSC. If necessary, our strategic consultant participates in the subsequent evaluation of data obtained through a balanced scorecard.

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