Business process

Business process is a chain of interrelated and sequential tasks and ways of solving them, aimed at fulfilling a certain business function or creating a product. The business process begins with the appearance of the request and ends with its satisfaction.

Business processes come in several varieties:

  1. management processes - organization of company management
  2. main processes - the creation of the product, its promotion, interaction with counterparties
  3. supporting processes - accompany the conduct of business, ensure its functioning

Business processes are modeled in the form of flowchart. Various systems of notations are used: BPMN, EPC, IDEF0 and others. We also use our own notations, because not always the customer's needs can be satisfied using the standard ones.

VINT Consult offers services in the field of business processes:

1) development of business processes. Simulation of processes from scratch is performed. The consultant independently determines the most favorable system for building business processes for the client. This service is relevant for new companies or new activities or structural units within the operating company.

2) modeling of business processes. The processes are built as is. Suitable for the formalization of existing processes (with the appearance of new founders, managers, to enhance the reputation of the company), for analysis of those.

3) engineering of business processes. Initially, business processes are modeled as is. Then the operational consultant reworks the processes in the format as to be. This kind of service is intended for operating companies, which for various reasons (crisis, level-up, reorganization, sale, M&A) want to reform the processes or did not revise them for more than 10 years.

Our consulting on business processes is built on a combination of customer wishes and objective circumstances that have developed in a commercial environment. We take into account the previous practice and the personal characteristics of the customer company. VINT Consult also provides accompanying consultations and full implementation of business processes, offers a mechanism for their management and control.

Designed business processes means:
  • trouble-free operation
  • reduction of transaction costs
  • the order of actions for solving any problem - for an employee
  • tool for setting tasks and control - for management and owners
  • quality assurance - for counterparties
  • reliable business

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