Environmental technology
VINT Consult provides digital environmental consulting services for persons, businesses and countries. Environmental technology consulting is aimed at optimizing the interaction between humans and the environment through the use of high-tech solutions.

Due to our partners, today the following solutions are available to our customers:
  • environmental monitoring with sensors
  • eco-friendly smart home
  • regional waste management system

Environmental technology consulting includes:
  1. analysis of tasks and current state of affairs
  2. selection of solutions available on the market
  3. solution optimization for a specific customer
  4. solution implementation support

These services are relevant for:
  • waste management companies and services
  • manufacturing enterprises
  • construction companies
  • government environmental bodies
  • non-profit environmental organizations

Our advantages
  • impartial choice of solution provider
  • thorough analysis of each task
  • the opportunity to attract a wide range of experts

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