Blockchain is the territory of absolute truth. This technology has turned the world around and we are confident that it can benefit your business.

Blockchain is the ideal accounting system, a global ledger. With its help, any sphere of life can be made more transparent.

Basic principles of blockchain:
- decentralization
- accessibility of information
- invariability of information
It's impossible to hack blockchain!

VINT Consult offers consulting services in the field of blockchain to any interested persons.

Today, on the wave of hype, a huge number of companies in Belarus and the world offer their services in the field of blockchain. Why the best choice is the VINT Consult?

  • our company is founder of the Association "Support and Development of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies"
  • our company is founder of founder of its own IT-company VINT Solution, which has some crypto-developers in its team 
  • representatives of our company made a number of publications and speeches on the subject of cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • we began to study this topic, when very few people knew about the existence of bitcoin
  • we have extensive partnerships around the world, which allows us to solve the entire complex of tasks when we realize blockchain projects

We have partners:
  • Blockchain Associations from several countries of the world
  • ICO projects
  • companies, conducting marketing promotion of ICO projects
  • Belarusian law firm, specializing in high technologies and cryptoprojects
  • foreign law firms, specializing in cryptoprojects
  • cryptocurrency exchange developers
  • blockchain programmers

Within the scope of blockchain consulting VINT Consult offers the following services:
  • blockchain project analysis
  • research of the cryptocurrency market
  • development of concept of blockchain implementation into the business
  • creation of blockchain company
  • support of blockchain project
  • turnkey ICO
  • cryptocurrency exchange development
  • business plan of blockchain project
  • entry into the High Technologies Park of the Republic of Belarus with blockchain project
  • blockchain consultations

Together we will implement cryptofuture!

Blockchain implementation in business process

Technical development of blockchain solutions

Blockchain development courses

Blockchain association in Belarus

Cryptocurrency consulting

Blockchain advice

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