Opening of virtual reality club Vireality
Opening of virtual reality club Vireality

a group of young people who developed the concept of a virtual reality club (hereinafter - the Initiators).
Sphere: entertaining services of the virtual reality club.
Purpose: evaluation of the virtual reality club concept and attraction of investments for its opening.
Provided services: project analysis, business plan expertise, finalization of the business plan, attraction of investments.
Description: In early 2017, a group of friends who studied the market of virtual reality gaming services in Belarus and developed a new concept for the virtual reality club for the market turned to us. The initiators put their researches and ideas into a detailed description format, which they were asked to evaluate both in terms of the meaning of the project, and the format of submission and sufficiency of the material.
Based on the analysis, it was concluded that the project is promising and there is a need to refine its description in a full business plan. Consultants of VINT Consult prepared a business plan in accordance with the national standards of the Republic of Belarus. Such a business plan is suitable for demonstrating the project to both private and institutional investors.
At the stage of investment search, a number of negotiations were held with private investors and investment companies, and a variant of obtaining a credit for startups under the Bank of Development program was considered. Our specialists proposed ways to provide the investor with additional guarantees. Some of them have been successfully applied.
As a result, investment company Glutton Capital became an investor of this project.
The website of the virtual reality club Vireality
Region: Belarus, Minsk
Year: 2017

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