Opening of a company that provides services for the maintenance of buildings
Opening of the maintenance company

 real estate development company.
Sphere: technical maintenance of buildings.
Purpose: full support of the opening of a company that provides services for the maintenance of buildings.
Provided services: development of organizational structure, business process design, drawing up business plan.
Description: We were approached by a real estate development company with the goal of creating a company for the technical maintenance of buildings. The main goal was to create a controlled system of servicing of own real estate. In the long term it was supposed to render outsourcing services for otherreal estate developers.
During the development of the organizational structure of the company we have been able to strike a balance between the rules required by the technical documentation, the best financial cost and the real operational needs. Business processes and organizational structure were prepared in conjunction with the full immersion of consultants in the subject of the project.
The business plan was formulated with a horizon of 3 years. For this time it was planned to gradually master all types of maintenance services: maintenance of engineering networks, current repairs, cleaning of buildings and adjacent territories.
After the establishment of the operating organization, we are periodically recruited as development experts.
Brand names of organizations and the amount of the project are trade secrets.
Region: Belarus
Year: 2015

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