Opening of the investment company Glutton Capital
Opening of the investment company Glutton Capital

IT specialist from Minsk (hereinafter - Investor).
Sphere: private equity fund.
Purpose: the opening of a company that accumulates funds from micro-investors and invests in various small business projects.
Provided services: analysis of the investment market, design of the business model, development of investment policy.
Description: When searching for private investment options for one of our client's projects, our company got acquainted with the Investor, who as an IT specialist earned and saved a certain amount and wished to increase his capital by investing money in private commercial projects.
In order to diversify risks and attract co-investors, it was recommended to open an investment company in the form of a private equity fund. Investigations of the Belarusian investment market, confirmed the correctness of the proposed format. Also, based on the research data and professional experience of VINT Consult, it was suggested to focus on microinvestment, as this is not only an opportunity to maximize risk distribution, but also a way to satisfy the most vulnerable segment of investment projects in terms of financial injections.
The proposed business model mediated the formation of an investment policy, which is set out in the general formulas on the website of the investment company:
After agreeing on the investment policy, VINT Consult recommended to the Investor a law company for the registration of a legal entity and obtaining recommendations on the management of legal documents.
The investor was chosen the name "Glutton Capital" and after registration the company immediately began considering investment projects.
Glutton Capital became the second private equity investment in Belarus.
The website of the investment company Glutton Capital:
Region: Belarus
Year: 2017

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