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Today in each area of activity has its own expert. Business is no exception. Business consultants have experience working with enterprises of different spheres, which means they understand well not only your business, but also the business of your counterparties. Secondly, it's a fresh look from the outside that can notice potential points and weaknesses that you did not pay attention to before. Consultant has a broad outlook and is able to generate a unique solution to your problem. They professionally studied the business to "elementary particles", which allows to imagine company as a living organism and find ways to strengthen it.

Such a business plan will help you assess the risks of self-financing, weigh the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project. This will be a detailed calculation of the necessary investments. The business plan will serve as an action plan for you. It will demonstrate a number of organizational nuances, the payback period of the project. Also, it can serve as a tool for obtaining bank credits, subsidies, leasing, loans, private investments and other forms of external financing. With the help of the business plan you can check the compliance of the planned activities. Business plan is a comprehensive program for the implementation of your project.

1. preliminary contracts with suppliers of fixed and circulating assets or the availability of the necessary tools
2. preliminary contracts with buyers (with model b2b) or results of marketing research (with model b2c)
3. business plan of investment project
4. resume as a guarantee of your experience
5. thorough knowledge of all the nuances of the project

  • when there is any issue at the beginning of business activities
  • when starting a new project
  • when making a complex business decision
  • at financial-economic or managerial problems in the company
  • when innovation needs
  • at significant changes in business (change of senior management, of partner, of kind of activity, etc.)
  • at desire to reach a new level
  • if you have not been consulted for more than 3 years

1. To provide yourself with the best employees.
2. To ensure a comfortable climate inside the organization.
3. To enhance your HR brand.
4. To improve the reputation among potential customers and partners.
5. For convenience and modernity in personnel management.

Professional: 1) Brings actual examples from practice. 2) Respects the customer. 3) Does not be afraid to make a conclusion that the client will not like, but it will save client from the wrong step. 4) Uses professional terminology. 5) Provides apprehensible explanations for consultations and documents. 6) Ready to come to the rescue at any time. 7) Never works for free. 8) Appreciates his/her and other people's time. 9) Does not be afraid to take responsibility for making a decision. 10) Knows where to send the client to solve issues that are not within his/her competence.

1) Business consultant is experienced in a specific service.
2) You will save a large amount of time.
3) The performance of the work will be provided by an external view and will be critically evaluated.
4) Independently doing this work, you will postpone it for later, since it will not be your main and only task. Consultant values his reputation and will do everything on time.
5) For a business consultant you are not the first customer, which means that he has already faced more than once with tasks that might arise for you for the first time.

- experience of their clients, since the business consultant usually works with clients from different spheres and different capacities
- knowledge, which they received at the university, at trainings, business forums, and also communicating with the professional community
- logic; business consultants train their logic daily in dealing with cases
- intelligence; only a person with a broad outlook can be a business consultant 

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